Vacation at Panglao

World famous vacation spot with beautiful white sand beaches of Panglao offering the perfect get away Bohol vacations.

Isis Bungalows

Isis Bungalows is a resort hotel in Panglao Island, Bohol Province in Central Philippines. The resort, which opened in 2005, is under Swiss supervision and boasts of affordable but world class room accommodations and a spacious restaurant with a panoramic view of the sea.

The resort is located right in the middle of Alona Beach, a one kilometer stretch of soft white sand considered to be the best beach in Panglao Island.

Alona Beach is also a haven for divers because of the Alona Beach Sanctuary, a shallow dive spot that is home to anemones and multicolored corals, which is only a five-minute boat ride away from the beach area.

Isis Bungalows is definitely the place for those who want to experience the sun, the sand, the sea, the best that Panglao Island has to offer.

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Vacation at Panglao Paradise

Great time at Panglao Island with great people real homey island feeling..

Bohol Divers Resort

Sun drenched at the Bohol Divers Resort's white sand beach. Powder white sea shores, cystal clear seas, sizzling warm sea breeze at Bohol Divers Resort. Find your vacation a one different experience with us.

Relaxing and romantic that may last a lifetime. Our resort will make sure that everything has the ambiance of a tropical atmosphere where dining and leisure come as one just beside the beach front.

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Alona Tropical Beach Resort

Alona Tropical Beach Resort with its beautifully landscaped gardens greeted by the morning sun is an Asian-styled resort, lying at the heart of Alona strip in Panglao Island, Bohol. A family and child friendly home based haven, its cottages are conveniently sprawled over a hilly terrain, giving you a feeling of space, independence and privacy.

Take a refreshing plunge in the resort’s swimming pool and sip on a long cool drink served in your front garden. Stroll along the white powdery beach, a heavenly escape soothing your senses in the warmth of the sun and the relaxing sea breeze. Savor our food. Indulge and discover our exciting vacation activities. Enjoy and cherish the company of others.

The added privilege of personalized service marks the tradition of warm Boholano hospitality. Embrace and celebrate with nature. Seek the comfort and freedom in a tropical paradise that gives you a feeling of home, away from home.

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Alona Kew White Beach Resort

Alona Kew White Beach Resort is a resort for family and friends, a perfect way to share memorable moments, make new friends, go ahead, come to Alona Kew and experience it yourself. It's a vacation full of fun and relaxing moments..

It's a day of great fun and smiles, enjoy alona kew's selection of snorkel gear, water bikes and a lot more; not to mention the dive shop that offers all of your diving needs. It’s a sure way to enjoy your stay.

Splash and Dive as Alona Kew take you to a tour of awesome dive sites that has become famous for locals and foreigners alike. Dive to Coral Point, Snake Point, Blue Wall and to Pamilacan Island.

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Dumaluan Beach Resort

Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao Island Bohol, Philippines. A vacation experience unlike any other awaits you in Panglao Island...

Bohol is a trendy province admired by its History, White Beaches, Marine life, and people. Bohol owns so much of beautiful places and one of which is a cool island named Panglao. These Beaches have it all and has already become a great seduction to tourists world-wide.

Dumaluan Beach Resort is a serene spot located at the southern portion of Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines, known for the best coastline with powdery white sand. Dumaluan Beach Resort compliments to this famous title; a family oriented place that is popular for recreation, hospitality, great food and lots of vacation fun. Total relaxation is exactly what Dumaluan Beach Resort wants you to have. Its the one place that has the things you desire most. With its white sand beaches, great accommodations and services, fun outdoor activities and tentative staff you can truly unwind, loosen up and enjoy your vacation with us, unite with your love ones and friends in the perfect place to get way from your busy lifestyle and relax. Dumaluan Beach Resort, This resort surely is a "Place to Remember."

Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol, Lush tropical settings, Vacation with white sand Beaches at Dumaluan Beach Resort. We offer the perfect get-away Bohol vacations. And Free Wireless Internet.

Panglao Beach

An island mostly of Maribojoc coralline limestone, Panglao Island as a sightseeing spot is rich in cave formations. Limestone erosion creates sinkholes and crevices rampant in the island. We see them on land and under water. These wonders and many more make alluring Panglao Island as a sightseeing spot.

Asians were the first foreigners to see the charm of Bohol. As early as 1803 visitors from China, Malaysia, and Indonesia frequented Panglao Island as a sightseeing spot and also for trade reasons. Spaniards also later joined the scene and misconstrued fishing gears called panggaw for Panglao which they thought was the name of the place.

Panglao Island as a sightseeing spot as well as a diving haven boasts of a wealth of marine biodiversity better than what Japan and the Mediterranean Sea can come up with. There are also 250 new crustacean and 2500 mollusk species quite a number of new stuffs to check out or taste. For instance, try a sampling of the delicious seashell treat natives call Sa-anganon or Sa-ang.

Ask for Sa-ang at the classy seafood restaurants lined up along the stretch of Alona beach and have the thing grilled fresh before us. By the way, Alona also has lots of tourist hotels and lodges and resorts. After dinner, proceed to Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis, a mere 5 minutes from Tagbilaran City, a maze of underground cavernous passages, really uplifting Panglao Island as a sightseeing spot. Enjoy the lagoon inside the cave. Natural cave openings plus artificial lights make internal visibility possible.

Exiting one cave opening will bring us to the world outside just beside a chain of interesting souvenir shops. Panglao Island as a sightseeing spot also has some historic sites, especially in Dauis. It was a missions base for the Visayas during the Spanish time. Then, just a short distance from its shores, Panglao also boasts of world class diving sites showcasing rare deep sea sights and colors.

Just imagine a vast bed of black corals. Or an imposing underwater wall of rocks and corals interspersed with fascinating sponges and crawling sea creatures. We find this at very accessible dive spots around Balicasag Island, like the Arco Point, Black Forest, Puntod, and the Cathedral, among others. Panglao Island as a sightseeing spot not only affords scenic spots on land but beneath the sea as well.

Panglao is just 30 minutes away from the Tagbilaran Airport by land. Panglao Island as a sightseeing spot can present so much to the adventurous traveler.

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